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About Our Solution


NeuroDerm’s flagship product ND0612 is currently in phase III clinical development for Parkinson’s disease patients experiencing motor fluctuations, with over 4 years of accumulated long-term safety data.

Our solution of self-administered continuous subcutaneous infusion of the gold standard levodopa/carbidopa was designed specifically to be a user-friendly system for people with Parkinson’s disease.

ND0612 is a novel solution designed to overcome the main shortcomings of the established oral levodopa/carbidopa treatment which is characterized by a relatively narrow “therapeutic window“ (the time in which the medication is effective) and low gastrointestinal absorption, which over time results in motor fluctuations.

By avoiding gastric involvement, ND0612 seeks to provide increased bioavailability and reduce variability of levodopa/carbidopa plasma levels, potentially offering more reliable, sustained relief of motor fluctuations for people with Parkinson’s disease.

The gold standard oral levodopa/carbidopa treatment has been considered, for many years, the most effective treatment for Parkinson’s symptoms. By enabling a new route of administration and 24-hour continuous subcutaneous infusion via a state-of-the-art pump system, ND0612 is designed to address the current unmet medical need.

Delivering an adjustable dose of levodopa/carbidopa liquid formulation will potentially increase patients’ "ON" time and allow them to regain control of their lives with greater daily-life predictability and independence.

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