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Social Responsibility

NeuroDerm, a Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharmaceutical Corporation (MTPC) company, follows the principle of KAITEKI – the sustainable well-being of people, society, and our planet Earth. Together with MTPC, we create innovative solutions globally based on our core values of sustainability, health, and comfort.


NeuroDerm’s main business – innovative therapies for Parkinson’s disease – aims to promote the quality of life of patients around the world. NeuroDerm also seeks to enable fulfilling work, creativity and productivity for all its employees.

We are passionate about reducing disease burden and improving the quality of life of patients and their families by addressing unmet medical needs with innovative drug-device combination therapies

Our flag ship product, ND0612, is intended to improve the quality of life of people with Parkinson’s Disease experiencing moderate to severe symptoms 

Our employees are offered medical screen-testing packages to monitor their overall health and are taking part in regular health and well-being activities, such as nutrition workshops, mindfulness exercises, and Pilates classes

The NeuroDerm Running Group meets regularly for runs, and also takes part in various marathons and other running events, such as Israel’s annual Friends4ALS event. NeuroDerm is a sponsor of the event since 2017

Society – NeuroGive

NeuroDerm encourages its employees to participate in company-sponsored volunteering initiatives focused on alleviating a range of social issues in the community

Honoring Holocaust survivors – NeuroDerm employees regularly volunteer at a Holocaust survivors’ association in Rehovot and engage with the survivors through various activities such as card games, lectures and workshops; with remote support through video conference during the COVID pandemic

Employees at NeuroDerm are encouraged to volunteer individually and are given information and access to volunteering opportunities across company platforms

NeuroDerm employees participate in preparing food packages for underprivileged families

Employees planning team-building activities are encouraged to choose socialy-responsibile options and locations for their events and offsite activities, such as local NGOs and associations

Planet Earth

NeuroDerm takes part in a range of initiatives aimed at reducing environmental impact, addressing climate change, and improving resource and energy efficiency

Our employees take part in beach cleaning operations, in collaboration with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority

NeuroDerm collects used clothes and toys to be donated to a local boarding school, thus reducing waste while also supporting students’ well-being

NeuroDerm regularly acts to increase awareness of energy efficiency and energy savings at its facilities

Employees at NeuroDerm are given personal mugs in order to reduce the use of disposable cups

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For general inquiries or to learn more about NeuroDerm, please complete the form below. For medical information or to report on your own health or experience, please consult your healthcare provider. Please click here for information about our clinical trials.