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ND0612 clinical trials current status:

Phase 3

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NeuroDerm Announces Publication of Positive Results from Phase 3 BouNDless Trial in "The Lancet Neurology Journal"


Integrated Pharma & MedTech Company

NeuroDerm is an agile and entrepreneurial R&D company, driving healthcare innovation and patient-centric solutions through Pharma & MedTech integration.

By developing next-generation drug-device combination solutions for central nervous system disorders, we aspire to make a meaningful difference in patients’ lives and drive future healthcare connectivity.

Our mission is to address the challenges of the future healthcare and wellbeing ecosystem. We are passionately driven to reduce disease burden and improve the quality of life of patients and their families through innovative drug-device combination therapies and technologies.

Our Solution

NeuroDerm’s flagship product ND0612 is currently in late stage development for Parkinson’s disease patients experiencing motor fluctuations. 

ND0612 integrates a proprietary pharmaceutical formulation of the gold standard levodopa/ carbidopa using state-of-the-art delivery system and digital solutions, with the aim of reducing disease burden and improving the quality of life of people with Parkinson’s disease and their families.


Liquid formulation

Of gold-standard levodopa/carbidopa for continuous subcutaneous treatment


Infusion pump

Designed to be user-friendly: Compact, portable, and self-administered


Tailored design 

For people with Parkinson's experiencing motor fluctuations

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Living with Parkinson’s

Every person with a Parkinson's diagnosis has his or her own unpredictable journey. By educating yourself about Parkinson’s and the new emerging therapies as well as becoming a true expert on your personal Parkinson’s you can regain control over your life again. We hope that this website will accompany you and support you on this journey.


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For general inquiries or to learn more about NeuroDerm, please complete the form below. For medical information or to report on your own health or experience, please consult your healthcare provider. Please click here for information about our clinical trials.