NeuroDerm is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing next-generation treatments for central nervous system (CNS) disorders that will make a clinically meaningful difference in patients’ lives. NeuroDerm’s technology enables new routes of administration for existing drugs that overcome their current deficiencies and achieve enhanced clinical efficacy.

NeuroDerm is the first to develop liquid levodopa (LD), the gold standard treatment for Parkinson’s disease, thus enabling for the first time continuous sub-cutaneous (SC) administration of this drug. By overcoming its biggest deficiency – short half life – NeuroDerm’s products should transform patients’ lives, offering them clinical benefits that can only be obtained today by undergoing highly invasive surgery.

Latest Updates

NeuroDerm Announces ND0612H Achieves Comparable Pharmacokinetics to DUODOPA® in Head-To-Head Pilot PK Comparison Trial

Company to Host Conference Call and Webcast Today at 8:30 a.m. ET .> Read More

NeuroDerm Added to Russell Global Index

The company has been selected to join the Russell Global Index as part of the annual Russell Equity Index Reconstitution, effective as of June 27.> Read More

NeuroDerm Presents Three Posters at the 20th International Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders

Data Presented in the Posters Included Data on the Company’s New Apomorphine Product Candidate (ND0701) as well as Study Design of the First ND0612H Efficacy Trial (Trial 006) and Additional Data on the Effect of Continuous Subcutaneous Carbidopa Administration on Levodopa Plasma Levels > Read More

Our Solutions

NeuroDerm is developing a pipeline of products that address deficiencies in current treatments for the growing population of moderate to severe Parkinson’s disease patients. NeuroDerm is the first to develop a liquid formulation of levodopa/carbidopa (LD/CD). Based on this novel formulation, the company has developed a line of LD/CD products administered through a patch-pump or small belt pump to deliver a continuous, controlled dose of LD/CD. The LD/CD line of products includes: ND0612L for moderate Parkinson’s disease patients, ND0612H for severe Parkinson’s disease patients and ND0680 for the small subset of severe Parkinson’s disease patients whose symptoms have advanced to a more acute stage, requiring even higher doses of LD/CD.